• Sarvesh Pancholi

The passion you love, care and nourish

Why human, animals, birds and other living forms love so much Music? It gives us all

peace, joy, happiness, and contentment. If food, water, and breath is important for our

survival, Music is one of the brain nutrient. Music comes in wide variety from classical, folk to

contemporary styles. Human choose Music what fits to his/her style or taste. Music connects

us to each other, it teaches us other cultures, it takes us to beyond our own boundaries .

We do not have to know the language to play or listen to the music. It is like breath where

ever we go on this planet, we can breathe, same is with music. It is universal, irrespective of

race, religion, color, or country. It can travel without any passport, visa, export/import

regulations. Music is globally accepted phenomenon, loved and cared by each of us at

deeper level.

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